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Does your agent guarantee they will sell your home?

See how we prove it.


Is your home in North & South Carolina MLS systems? Probably Not!

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Do you have options, when selling of YOUR home?

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Executive Sellers Realty is a real estate firm that works with home buyers and sellers using a commonsense approach. With premier marketing and sales experts along with top tier real estate agents, our clients get both results and service exceeding the other Real Estate companies.

Services, Not Commission
Performance Guarantee
Right Price Strategy

Services, Not Commission


Our fees are based on the value of the services we provide, not the price of your home. We provide fixed-price services with a guaranteed offer. Once you select a service plan, our fees don't change!

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Written Performance Guarantee


Yes, we guarantee our performance and our results. If you don’t receive an offer on your home within a specific timeframe, you receive a refund!

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We Don't Give Your Home Away


Our proprietary pricing software determines a market-motivating price, as well as an estimated time to sell. This means our agents don’t have to depend on lowering the price of your home!

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